The Entrepreneur's Solution: The Modern Millionaire's Path to More Profit, Fans & Freedom

By Mel H Abraham
"The Entrepreneur's Solution" reawakens the entrepreneurial spirit in us all: the drive to fulfill our highest potential-as individuals, as a country, and as members of a global community. "The Entrepreneur's Solution" is required for the start-up and for the seasoned business owner to understand the new rules of the game. It is the new entrepreneurial manual.

It is filled with the very frameworks that were built through Mel Abraham's decades of experience as an entrepreneur, advisor and mentor. He gives you the recipe that not only helps you build a business but to build a life and create an entrepreneurial journey of epic proportions. "The Entrepreneur's Solution" is about harnessing your creative force, breaking free of your former state, and getting your life in alignment with your intention and purpose. It is through these frameworks (and the author's stories) that you journey to a land where your team is connected, committed and loyal, your customers become raving fans and your life full with fulfillment because the business you are creating is in congruence with your values, operated in alignment with your higher vision and connected to all stakeholders at an emotional level As a result, your business serves them by transforming their lives. All of this will translate into more profits, fans and freedom. Welcome to The Entrepreneur's Solution!

Real world experience brought to life in a world where 1 degree can be a game changer; Mel gives you 45-90 degrees of ideas for the New Entrepreneur. A very robust & powerful book! This is the game changer for you.

--- Kevin Harrington, Chairman, as seen on TV, Inc., Original Shark Investor on Shark Tank

Mel gives you the art of Entrepreneurship from a real world perspective. This is what it takes to build something that is meaningful, successful and sustainable based on what you value most. A must read.

--- David Bach, 9 Time NY Times bestselling author including the #1 NY Times bestsellers "The Automatic Millionaire" and "Start Late, Finish Rich"

It s rare that I get excited about a book unexpectedly. Mel s book made me want to jump up and shout yes! Read it. You ll see.

--- Chris Brogan, author of "The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth"

"The Entrepreneur s Solution" is full of meaningful examples of how to build a business from the heart out.

--- JJ Virgin CNS, CHFS Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert, NY Times bestselling author of "The Virgin Diet" and the new "Sugar Impact Diet"

Read this book if you're serious about launching your entrepreneurial dreams. Rich with inspiration and ideas to fuel your rise to legendary. Massively valuable.

--- Robin Sharma, #1 bestselling author of "The Leader Who Had No Title"

This fast-moving book puts you onto the high road to financial success, and then shows you how to step on the accelerator.

--- Brian Tracy, Advisor and bestselling author

I agree with Mel s theory: The only way to find out justhowgreatwe can be is to take an entrepreneurial approach to our future.

The Entrepreneur s Solution is more than a business mastery blueprint, it s a plan for a successful life.

--- Harvey Mackay, author of the #1 NY Times bestseller"Swim With The Sharks"

Entrepreneurship is the engine that drives our society and creates real change. In this brilliant book, Mel gives you the art of Entrepreneurship from a real world perspective. This is what it takes to build something that is meaningful, successful and sustainable. A must read.

--- Nick Ortner, NY Times bestselling author of "The Tapping Solution"

Totally fresh air. . .Mel lifts entrepreneurship above the grind of business operations to the real reason we became entrepreneurs in the first place. . .to have a life that we loved and one that makes a difference. Practical and transformational all at once.

--- Kevin Ward, Founder & CEO, YES Master Real Estate

Entrepreneurs are the agents of change in our world. Through their innovation, resourcefulness, and capabilities, they drive the economic progress of our society. So if you want to really understand the entrepreneurial mind and the courage it requires to be an entrepreneur, check out Mel's new book. In his new book, "The Entrepreneur's Solution," you'll discover how to define your identity, intentions and ideals as an entrepreneur; the sources of confidence and courage; how to turn adversity into advantage; how to influence and connect with empathy; some of the best ways to collaborate with your customers and other companies; how to make more money while making an impact; and a lot more. Read Mel's book if you want to have game changing growth as an entrepreneur.

--- Joe Polish, Genius Network

In today's world of entitlement where people expect a medal just for showing up, Mel Abraham gives us "The Entrepreneur's Solution" to remind us that hard work, and more importantly mind-set, are needed to achieve our goals. If you are ready to start acting, if you are looking for economic freedom, if you are ready to pursue your dreams, Mel's Business Mastery Blueprint will help you transform your business for financial and personal prosperity.

--- Jules Trono, President & CEO, Compass Business Solutions

A thought-provoking new way to think about business.

--- Daniel Amen, MD, author of "Change Your Brain, Change Your Life"

Mel is the real deal. His teachings will not only show you how to build a successful, profitable, and sustainable business, but also to create your life 'on purpose' so that you have freedom and the lifestyle that you deserve.

This book is a must read, whether you're looking to make the jump from the cubicle to the entrepreneurial world, or if you're already a successful entrepreneur ready to take things to the next level.

--- Mike Wolf, Serial entrepreneur andFounder of Mike Wolf Mastery

"The Entrepreneur s Solution"is a must read for you if you are looking for a more holistic approach to building abundance and prosperity.

Mel Abraham lays out a complete blueprint forsustainable success- on how to strengthen the entrepreneur mindset and spirit, sharpen business savvy skills, and financially thrive with passion and commitment. Mel generously shares all of his most influential strategies in creating a business that will allow you to achieve the financial freedom you have always dreamed of, and more importantly allow you to have more choices in your life to serve your family, your community and to contribute to better our planet.

--- Dr. Susanne Bennett, bestselling author of"The 7-Day Allergy Makeover"and host of the Wellness for Life radio show on RadioMD at iHeart Radio

Want to learn to shift your mindset, harness your creative force, influence change for a legacy worth leaving to the next generation?If your answer is yes, you need this book. "The Entrepreneur's Solution" is the go to source for creating, expanding and or accelerating a profitable and sustainable business grounded in your authentic values. Mel Abraham has generated a powerhouse book for would be entrepreneurs and serial entrepreneurs seeking ever advancing knowledge of mindset, transformational business and human potential. Make a difference in yourself and your business, read this book!

--- Suzette Mariel, author of "Stop Procrastinating! Start Producing!"



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