The Escher Cycle: Creating Self-Reinforcing Business Advantage

By Finn Jackson
The strategic advantage Jackson offers businesses is built on four layers of business activities: performing better than rivals; balancing and aligning activities; fine-tuning activities to match the relevant economy; and connecting activities so that they are all optimized. The final stage is the Escher Cycle, which Jackson contends will create a

Finn Jackson is an original thinker, writer, and consultant with a unique focus on strategic innovation. A self-styled Abusiness architectA, he helps create new businesses and rejuvenate existing ones. His expertise in strategy, process, and organization has helped create sustainable strategic change in numerous organizations, ranging from start-ups to billion-dollar business units in more than a dozen countries worldwide. Born in India, Mr. Jackson earned his undergraduate degree in physics from Oxford UniversityAwhere he developed his desire to discover the underlying causes that drive observed behaviorAand his MBA summa cum laude from Imperial College, London. At EDS he worked his way up through the business, ultimately serving on the European Leadership Teams of two of the company's top three global accounts. Over nine years, he created lasting strategic change in almost every functional area of the business and became intimately involved in what drives success at all levels of business. He lives in England, and works internationally.


NEWS & OPINION: Finn Jackson Interview

Posted July 28, 2005, 1:06 PM with category of Management & Workplace Culture
This interview is with Finn Jackson, author of Escher Cycle. I know this may be a grand claim, but I think that Jackson has taken a shot at a unifed theory for business. He proposes a self-reinforcing system and points to many successful companies who have used it to become industry leaders. Read more


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