Excellence Through Equity: Five Principles of Courageous Leadership to Guide Achievement for Every Student

By Alan M Blankstein (Editor), Pedro Noguera (Editor), Lorena Kelly (Editor)

Excellence Through Equity is an inspiring look at how real-world educators are creating schools where all students are able to thrive. In these schools, educators understand that equity is not about treating all children the same. They are deeply committed to ensuring that each student receives what he or she individually needs to develop their full potential and succeed.

To help educators with what can at times be a difficult and challenging journey, Blankstein and Noguera frame the book with five guiding principles of Courageous Leadership:

  • Getting to your core
  • Making organizational meaning
  • Ensuring constancy and consistency of purpose
  • Facing the facts and your fears
  • Building sustainable relationships.

  • They further emphasize that the practices are grounded in three important areas of research that are too often disregarded: (1) child development, (2) neuroscience, and (3) environmental influences on child development and learning.

    You'll hear from Carol Corbett Burris, Michael Fullan, Marcus J. Newsome, Paul Reville, Susan Szachowicz, and other bold practitioners and visionary thinkers who share compelling and actionable ideas, strategies, and experiences for closing the achievement gap in your classrooms and school.

    Ensuring that all students receive an education that cultivates their talents and potential is in all our common interest. As Andy Hargreaves writes in the coda: "The opportunity for all Americans is to articulate and believe in an inspiring vision of educational change that is about what the next generation of America and Americans should become, not about a target or ranking that the nation should attain."

    From the Foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu: "Letting go of a system of winners and losers in favor of what is proposed in this book is a courageous leap forward that we all must take together. Let this bold, practical book be a guide; and may you travel into this new exciting vista, in which every child can succeed."

    "Pedro Noguera and Alan Blankstein's book should be on the shelf of every school leader and community member who is committed to providing exceptional educational opportunities for all. Excellence Through Equity is a well written combination of research, philosophical approaches, and practical effective implementations." -- Luvelle Brown, Superintendent "Ithaca City School District, Ithaca, NY"

    "Equity is not ensuring that all children receive the same thing, but ensuring that every child gets what he or she needs in order to succeed. Pedro Noguera and Alan Blankstein provide examples of how courageous Americans are taking this charge head on by illustrating how excellence through equity can be achieved. To ignore this issue means to undermine the future of our children. This book is a must-read for teachers, principals, administrators, policy and business leaders and parents--or anyone interested in becoming champions for children and strengthening our nation's public education agenda."--Daniel A. Domenech, Executive Director

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