Feeding the Enemy

By J R Sharp

Feeding the Enemy is based on the true story of an Italian family's determination to survive in the face of evil during WW II. It is a story of perseverance, ingenuity and love. This book captures the spirit of survivability against all odds and provides the reader with an appreciation of what Europeans went through during the war to end all wars.

The Zucchet family is faced with the destruction of their farm and the annihilation of all their family members by the Germans and Pro-Fascist supporters during World War II. The family patriarch and WWI veteran, Pietro, uses elaborate hiding places to store food and valuables, and diversion techniques to distract the enemy during their many visits to the farm. He does whatever it takes to prevent the same fate as so many families in the war torn area.

Pietro's daughter, Catherina, makes a remarkable journey from young woman to wife and then mother of two while avoiding the same enemy. Woven into the tapestry of this novel is the story of her love and life within the terror of war with a soldier named Gino. The story follows his constant battles while serving in the Italian Royal Army and how he became a resistant freedom fighter battling his way back to her and their love.

"JR Sharp, in his novel, Feeding the Enemy, artfully blends, in the rich tradition of oral history, his family's most intimate recollections of living under the grip of fascism with a highly accessible chronicle of the brutality and devastation of World War II. His skill and flexibility as a storyteller is revealed in this historiographical narrative that boldly recounts events in a small northern Italian village from the one true perspective, that of the common man. His people's history point of view counters the conservative, elite polemic that dominates history while enfranchising the personal bonds of family to the past. History from below at its finest." -Dr. Alan S. Canestrari, Professor of History Education, Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI "Feeding the Enemy is a fascinating family saga of undying love, personal sacrifice, quiet heroism, and triumph. Using untold hours of oral family history, personal interviews, and exhaustive research, author J.R. Sharp skillfully records the trials and tribulations of the Zucchet and Cartelli families and their struggle to survive the horrors of Nazi occupation and brutality during World War II Italy. You don't want to miss this "You were there!" story!" -E. Michael Helms, author of The Proud Bastards, Of Blood and Brothers, the Mac McClellan Mystery series, and others. "Feeding The Enemy by J.R. Sharp is a brilliant book and one of the most powerful stories of survival I have ever read. An essential piece of WWII literature and a must read for those wanting to acquaint themselves with critical, historical facts. The first hand, vivid accounts of the Italian families who suffered through this war will leave you feeling as if you were actually there with them on the farm." -Don B. Cross, MBA, PMP Adjunct Professor, Brenau University 4th Year DPA Scholar, Valdosta State University "It has been a pleasure to read Feeding the Enemy. It has a personal touch throughout and provides insights to many sensitivities not always found in such a subject. All persons with interest in the subject either past or present should find it an easy and thoughtful treatment. I heartily recommend it as a most useful reference." -David Harlow RADM, USN (ret) "Fabulous read, I was unable to put the book down. If you love stories from the heart, this is the book to read." -Gary Matheny, author of If the Shoe Fits, Wear it. Life and Times of a Shoe Salesman and The Bullet


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