Firms of Endearment: How World-Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose

By Rajendra S Sisodia, David B Wolfe, Jagdish N Sheth
Today's best companies "get it." From Costco(R) to Commerce Bank, Wegmans to Whole Foods(R) they're becoming the ultimate value creators. They're generating "every" form of value that matters: "emotional, experiential, social, and financial." And they're doing it for "all" their stakeholders. Not because it's "politically correct" "because it's the only path to long-term competitive advantage." These are the "Firms of Endearment." Companies people "love" doing business with. "Love" partnering with. "Love" working for. "Love" investing in. Companies for whom "loyalty" isn't just real: it's palpable, and driving unbeatable advantages in everything from marketing to recruitment. You need to become one of those companies. This book will show you how. You'll find specific, practical guidance on transforming every relationship you have: with customers, associates, partners, investors, and society. If you want to be great--"truly" great--"this" is your blueprint. We're entering an Age of Transcendence, as people increasingly search for higher meaning in their lives, not just more possessions. This is transforming the marketplace, the workplace, the very soul of capitalism. Increasingly, today's most successful companies are bringing love, joy, authenticity, empathy, and soulfulness into their businesses: they are delivering emotional, experiential, and social value-not just profits. "Firms of Endearment" illuminates this, the most fundamental transformation in capitalism since Adam Smith. It's not about "corporate social responsibility" it's about building companies that can sustain success in a radically new era. It's about great companies like IDEO and IKEA(R), Commerce Bank and Costco(R), Wegmans and Whole Foods(R) how they earn the powerful loyalty and affection that enables truly breathtaking performance. This book is about gaining "share of heart," not just share of wallet. It's about aligning stakeholders' interests, not just juggling them. It's about building companies that leave the world a better place. Most of all, it's about why you "must" do all this, or risk being left in the dust... and "how to get there" from wherever you are now.


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Firms of Endearment: How World-Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose by Raj Sisodia, Jag Sheth, and David B. Wolfe, Wharton School Publishing, 272 pages, $27. 95, Hardcover, January 2007, ISBN 0131873725 (ISBN 13: 9780131873728) I’m not one to jump on the latest fad (though it is true that I did like Hootie and the Blowfish in their heyday—they are actually good! Read more


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About the Hardcover

Publisher Wharton School Publishing
Publish date 09/20/2015
Pages 284
ISBN-13 9780131873728
Language English

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