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Flowers: Colouring Book for Adults

    By Miriam Valo
Flowers - a colouring book for adults Beginning something is one of the harder aspects in life, but since there is no substitute for doing, it can be a way to find yourself. This colouring book of Flowers is my encouragement to help you leap and find your way of life in the process of colouring. After all, the mystery of life is right inside us - how we work in, for and with the natural world. My garden is large and wild, and a bit unkempt but if we try to push against the wildness inherent in plants and us selves, we might lose the peace, connection and stability we have as a part of nature. Experimentation is the goal, not the means. With this colouring book you'll be ready to dive in on your own. It will fosters a perception that you can make a difference in life.


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Publisher Createspace
Publish date 12/09/2015
Pages 52
Availability Available
Language English
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