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A Force for Good: How Enlightened Finance Can Restore Faith in Capitalism

By John G Taft

After the crisis of 2008, the social contract between the financial industry and everyone else was badly broken-perhaps, it seemed, irrevocably. Since then, banks have paid out billion-dollar settlements and Congress has passed some new laws, but a deeper rapprochement is still missing. John Taft has gathered some of the greatest financial minds of our time to explore how Wall Street can harness the same creative energy that invented credit default swaps and channel it towards the public good- in the form of a stable retirement system, investment strategies that protect the environment and reward responsible corporate behavior, and a financial industry with a culture of ethics, integrity and client focus. These perspectives, from a who's who of leaders in the field, offer a blueprint for a new kind of responsible finance and banking that secures the future for everyone. Contributors include:

* Robert Shiller on financial capitalism and innovation

*Charles D. Ellis on restoring ethical standards

*Sheila Bair on regulatory reform

*John C. Bogle and Mary Schapiro on rebuilding investor trust

*Judd Gregg on long-term fiscal imbalances

*Barbara Novick on the retirement savings gap

*David Blood on sustainable finance.

With so much brainpower in the financial sector, the potential for change is limitless. A Force for Good is the call to action the industry sorely needs.


"Taft is the sort of leader finance needs as it emerges from the crisis." --Matthew Bishop, New York Bureau Chief, "The Economist "

"[A] thoughtful, albeit challenging, exploration of the hard road back to credibility for the financial industry...readers are likely to come away with renewed hope in our financial system's future." --Publishers Weekly

"Timely and insightful, this refreshing book is a beacon of hope and wisdom for generations to come." --Clara Shih, CEO and founder of Hearsay Social, Board Director at Starbucks, and author of "The Facebook Era"

"John Taft has compiled a powerful collection of original essays from America's thought leaders which provides a timely roadmap for the future of capitalism. If policy makers follow the advice of Taft and his colleagues, capitalism can be the greatest economic engine ever created." --Bill George, Senior Fellow at Harvard Business School, former Chair and CEO at Medtronic and author of "True North"

"John Taft set himself a difficult task: understand how skewed incentives for financial professionals brought on the Great Recession. "A Force for Good" collects the best analysis and advice from some of our wisest participants and observers. We all owe them--and John--a huge thank you for reimagining how our system can be more broadly conceived, more stable, and more moral." --Tom Steyer, Investor, Philanthropist, Clean Energy Advocate

"Can capitalism--the greatest system of economic organization the world has ever seen--be improved upon? 'Yes, ' contend the bold-face names who have contributed essays to "A Force for Good." Economic policy wonks, no matter what their political orientation, will find something here to agree with, something to disagree with and--perhaps most important--something to ponder." --James Grant, editor of "Grant's Interest Rate Observer."

"This compilation of thought-provoking insights from leaders in finance tackles the tough issues that harm investor trust and offers inspiration to the profession to work together toward building a financial industry that better serves society." --Aaron Low, Chair, CFA Institute Board of Governors

"After numerous years in which it seemed like the world of finance can do nothing right, John Taft's book reminds us that finance has a vital role to play in the betterment of American lives. Dispensing Wall Street braggadocio in favor of honestly earned wisdom, Taft marshals some of the financial world's sagest thinkers to help restore values and purpose to the financial community. "A Force for Good" is not just an important book--it's an optimistic one." --Richard Bradley, Editor-in-Chief, WORTH

"Taft is the sort of leader finance needs as it emerges from the crisis." --Matthew Bishop, New York Bureau Chief, "The Economist "


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