From Bedlam to Boardroom: How to Get a Derailed Executive Career Back on Track!

By Colleen Aylward
In meeting with hundreds of newly-unemployed executives in the past two years, I've too often witnessed the shock and confusion of those who were scorched by this financial recession and are wondering how to proceed. People like you. And now, in your most productive years, you are left to navigate your way through the new job search landscape - maybe for the first time in your life. Moving forward in your career is all about digitizing your brand now: Positioning yourself on the global internet Becoming an online authority Determining your "Narrow and Deep" value Creating a virtual network of business connections And making sure that you are found. In 10 chapters, you'll find a detailed roadmap with helpful examples, timelines and insider tips for becoming the niche authority that you are, and pushing your profile into the limelight. I'll show you how to be pursued as the targeted executive job candidate in today's market, and how to sustain your visibility moving forward in your career. The world is an online community now, and the future of your employment status is highly dependent on your ability to adapt."


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About the Paperback

Publisher Createspace
Publish date 03/13/2011
Pages 178
ISBN-13 9781456597559
ISBN-10 1456597558
Language English

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