From That Flame

By Maryann T Beverly
He was a man of peace who became Afghanistan's most brilliant military leader. He was America's best Afghan ally who warned about the attacks of 9-11. He fought for democracy until he was assassinated by Osama bin Laden. He was?Ahmed Shah Massoud FROM THAT FLAME follows journalist Michelle Garrett as she interviews the legendary Commander Ahmed Shah Massoud?the ?Lion of Panjshir in Afghanistan's rugged Hindu Kush Mountains. Without warning, an attack by Taliban and al-Qaeda troops propels Michelle into a wartime adventure with Commander Massoud and his Mujahidin, one in which a friendship between the journalist and Massoud grows, giving her a unique perspective into the man the Wall Street Journal credited as being ?the Afghan who ended the Cold War.?

Maryann T. Beverly is an Ohio native who has made her home in Columbia, SC for the past 25 years. A former high school English teacher, she left teaching to write and direct a documentary movie, ?The Arts in Education, ? in Cali, Colombia, South America. From this Flame is the first published novel for this married mother of two. She previously had published an article in eBay Magazine (a Krause Publication). "Unmasking a Grand Artist," was a featured piece on actor/artist Duncan Regehr. Ms. Beverly is currently working on a new novel.


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Publisher Kallisti Publishing
Publish date 08/10/2014
Pages 334
ISBN-13 9780976111184
Language English