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Fusionbranding: How to Forge Your Brand for the Future

    By Nick Wreden
FusionBranding: How to Forge Your Brand for the Future by brand futurist Nick Wreden represents a fresh look at branding imperatives, especially for companies selling to other businesses. Core principles of FusionBranding are illustrated with numerous case studies. Each chapter includes a FutureView, which looks at branding in 2005 and beyond, Takeaways, in-depth questions that can help apply FusionBranding principles, and Resources that features books and Web sites about FusionBranding principles.

Nick Wreden is Managing Director of FusionBrand, a consulting firm that specializes in customer loyalty and metrics-based branding. He has over 20 years of experience branding products for Fortune 500 and other companies, including IBM, Cisco, and Hitachi.


NEWS & OPINION: FusionBranding: Comprehensive View of Customer Economy

Posted August 26, 2004, 6:16 PM with category of Marketing
Seth Godin recently said good business books fall into two categories: how-to's and inspirational (via Thinking by Peter Davidson). I tend to do much of my business reading in a third category: "pushing the edges. " And any book that takes on an established marketing 'bible' is definitely pushing the edges. Read more


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