Getting Started as a Freelance Writer (Revised)

By Robert W Bly
This expanded edition goes beyond advice on making a living as a business writer to include the more creative forms of writing. There are new chapters on writing and selling poems, short stories, novels, and essays, plus a new section on cartooning.

Michelle Connell, Christian Communicator; September 2006 How do you get started in a writing career? How do you write a book proposal? How do you analyze a magazine you want to break into? How do you know if you're ready to write full-time or if you should moonlight? Bly, an author of more than 100 articles and 60 books, answers these questions and many more that writers have about this business. The fact that he became a millionaire from his writing and earns over $600,000 yearly lends credibility to his answers. Though it is not our intention to make millions, since we primarily want to get God's Word out, there is a lot of information in this book to help any writer from beginner to advanced. Other topics include how to network, how to crack new markets, what to charge for various services, and how to equip your office. Bly uses many examples from his own writings, but he quotes other writers and publishers as well. Every chapter is broken into shorter topics, and the book is easy to read in short segments or by chapter. It isn't necessary to read the chapters in order or to read them all if you are only interested in commercial writing or writing books or writing magazine articles. Appendices list writers' organizations, Web sites, books, and software that aid writers in their work. Getting Started As a Freelance Writer is a tool you'll want on your bookshelf and one you'll use often. --Michelle Connell, Christian Communicator; September 2006


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