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The Ghost Writer (First Printing)

    By Damon Norko

"Once a writer, always a writer . . ."

What would you do if you came back as a ghost? You could finally write that novel . . .

Meet Arnold Showalter, ghost.

At night, Arnold haunts the magnificent underground Mystic Caverns of Appalachia. But during the day, Arnold becomes The Ghost Writer, the first "literary voice from beyond the grave." Yet before Arnold can capitalize on his fame, he must first exorcise the "ghosts" of his own past. And it is easy to become bitter when one is dead . . .

Fortunately, Arnold's world is rocked when he meets Clarisse, a 15-year-old fatality of a car accident. Her fresh outlook and spunky energy awaken Arnold to the real possibilities of post-life existence. Clarisse inspires a quest that takes Arnold to the farthest reaches of the universe, and deep within himself.


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Publisher Black Rose Writing
Publish date 11/02/2015
Pages 132
Availability Available
ISBN-10 161296608X
Language English