The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement (Revised, 30th Anniversary)

By Eliyahu M Goldratt, Jeff Cox
Written in a fast-paced thriller style, 'The Goal' contains a serious message for all managers in industry and explains the ideas which underline the Theory of Constraints developed by the author.


NEWS & OPINION: Friday Links(ish)

Posted October 21, 2011, 6:21 PM with category of Management & Workplace Culture
While Dylan is relaxing on his honeymoon in Costa Rica, I'm going to take a stab at my version of Friday Links. Enjoy! There has been a lot of talk both online and around the water cooler about the New York Times article "Amazon Signs Up Authors, Writing Publishers Out of Deal" published earlier this week that made the bold statement: Amazon. Read more

NEWS & OPINION: Jeff Hayzlett's Business Library

Posted April 27, 2010, 6:35 PM with category of Management & Workplace Culture
If you know who Jeff Hayzlett is, it is probably from his appearances on television or his Twitter footprint. But the chief marketing officer of Kodak is now venturing into the wonderful world of analog with his new book, The Mirror Test: Is Your Business Really Breathing? , being released by Business Plus in May. Read more

JACK COVERT SELECTS: Jack Covert Selects - Velocity

Posted January 15, 2010, 7:03 PM with category of Management & Workplace Culture
Velocity: Combining Lean, Six Sigma, and the Theory of Constraints to Achieve Breakthrough Performance by Dee Jacob, Suzan Bergland & Jeff Cox, Free Press, 310 Pages, $26. 00 Hardcover, January 2010, ISBN 9781439158920 In physics, velocity is a simple equation: speed + direction = velocity. AGI-Goldratt Institute’s new book, Velocity, takes that simple equation and applies it to business: operational speed + strategic direction = immediate gains. Read more

NEWS & OPINION: 100 Best: Jack interviews Jeff Cox, co-author of The Goal

Posted May 1, 2009, 7:02 PM with category of Management & Workplace Culture
In this podcast, Jack Covert talks to Jeff Cox about how he got involved in co-authoring the book The Goal -- a parable about the Theory of Constraints, and how people can overcome barriers to make more money. Enlightening and revolutionary still today, the book itself sold over 2 million copies. Listen to the podcast to hear about some of the idea gems found in the book. Read more

STAFF PICKS: Business Novels

Posted July 3, 2008, 3:46 PM with category of Management & Workplace Culture
In his wonderful review of Personal Days in last weeeknd's New York Times Sunday Book Review (free subscription), Mark Sarvas pondered the following: . . . Read more



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