The Grassroots Health Care Revolution: How Companies Across America Are Dramatically Cutting Their Health Care Costs While Improving Care

By John Jr. Torinus
When exploding health care costs threatened Serigraph's solvency, CEO John Torinus Jr. went outside the box to find a solution. Using his findings, Torinus applied innovative, cutting-edge strategies to cut his health care expenses well below the national average while improving his employees' care.
Now, across America, leading companies are following Serigraph's example. There is a revolution brewing--a revolution that will dramatically lower health costs nationwide.
Torinus, author of "The Company That Solved Health Care," the eye-opening book detailing one company's game-changing health care program, now presents "The Grassroots Health Care Revolution." Featuring examples and interviews with the business leaders who are at the forefront of these innovations, "The Grassroots Health Care Revolution" is a game plan for improving workforce health and radically lowering health costs.
Torinus avoids the politics of health care to focus on what businesses can actually control. He shows how pioneering corporations have engaged their employees to tame the hyper-inflation that has plagued the health care industry for decades. Executives in leading companies are deploying management disciplines and marketplace principles to invent a better business model for health care.
These companies are bending the curve, growing profits and improving the health of their employees. Learn how you and your business can join the revolution.


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