Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin's Journey to Faith, Family, and Freedom

By Allen West
The inspiring life and uncensored views of a veteran, patriot, former Congressman, conservative icon, and warrior for personal liberty
Over the course of the past few decades, Allen West has had many titles bestowed on him, among them Lt. Colonel, U.S. Representative, Dad, and Scourge of the Far Left. He rose from humble beginnings in Atlanta where his father instilled in him a code of conduct that would inform his life ever after. Throughout his years leading troops, raising a loving family, serving as Congressman in Florida s 22nd district, and emerging as one of the most authentic voices in conservative politics, West has never compromised the core values on which he was raised: family, faith, tradition, service, honor, fiscal responsibility, courage, freedom.
Today, these values are under attack as never before, and as the far Left intensifies its assaults, few have been as vigorous as West in pushing back. He refuses to let up, calling out an Obama administration that cares more about big government than following the Constitution, so-called black leaders who sell out their communities in exchange for pats on the head, and a segment of the media that sees vocal black conservatives as threats to be silenced.
Now more than ever, the American republic needs a guardian: a principled, informed conservative who understands where we came from, who can trace the philosophical roots of our faith and freedom, and who has a plan to get America back on track. West isn t afraid to speak truth to power, and in this book he ll share the experiences that shaped him and the beliefs he would die to defend."

Rarely have timeless conservative values been articulated and defended with this sort of clarity and vigor. And rarely does one come across an individual like Allen West, whose personal code is one that, if we were all to emulate it, would make us stronger as a nation. "Guardian of the Republic "is a book to savor--entertaining, fearless, and fun." -Mark Levin, "New York Times "bestselling author of "The Liberty Amendments "and host of the nationally syndicated The Mark Levin Show Allen West is an interesting and impressive man, and he tells a gripping and fascinating tale. Read it. You ll learn about war, politics, America and life." --William Kristol, Editor, "The Weekly Standard" "Guardian of the Republic" is a refreshing account of one man s journey through obstacle and opportunity and aided by faith and family to become a warrior for the future of the American Republic. Allen West s story is rooted in education, self-reliance and a relentless sense of purpose. He strips away the pretenses of liberalism and reminds us what s at stake if we continue to make the wrong choices. Most inspiringly, he offers readers an invitation to stand strong on behalf of those values that have defined generations of Americans. --Michael Steele, former Chairman of the Republican National Committee "Those familiar with Allen West already understand why he is one of the most controversial and compelling figures in American public life. This potent little book will show all others that the passionate reactions to his principled work are based on substance, not just style." --Michael Medved, host of the nationally syndicated The Michael Medved Show Thorough in his analyses, Allen West in "Guardian of the Republic" offers a unique perspective on our country. Informed by his dedicated military and public service, West provides a compelling defense of the conservative values he believes must guide the debate as we confront the political, economic and social challenges that face our nation. --Donald Rumsfeld, former Secretary of Defense and "New York Times" bestselling author of "Known and Unknown" and "Rumsfeld s Rules"

""Guardian of the Republic" is not simply the title of this powerful book. It's what the Founders demanded of each of us: to be sentinels for freedom. Allen West is such a soldier. From the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan to the combat of Capitol Hill and beyond, he has fought tirelessly and fearlessly for the American "idea." This is a passionateclarion call to restore that idea---"the last best hope of earth," in the words of Lincoln---before it's too late." ---Monica Crowley, Ph.D. Fox News Channel, news analyst, Host, nationally syndicated radio show, "The Monica Crowley Show" "New York Times" bestselling author, "What The (Bleep) Just Happened?""



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