Gustav Jorgenson: Selected Shorts: A Collection of Wife Sharing Short Stories.

By Gustav Jorgenson
What happens when a wife who feels neglected in her own marriage starts to receive attention from other men? She might enjoy a bit of harmless flirtation. But what if things go a bit further than she intended? Most wives wouldn't want to risk their marriages. But sometimes her husband might give her subtle clues that he wouldn't mind. What's if he is open to the idea of sharing her as long as he gets to watch? Might even a sensible and loyal wife be daring enough to find out? Gustav Jorgenson, master of tasteful wife sharing erotica, has collected the best stories from among his previously published works in this greatest hits collection. Get all of Gustav's most titillating stories in one fat volume of stomach churning cuckold madness.


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Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publish date 11/20/2015
Pages 284
ISBN-13 9781519439390
ISBN-10 1519439393
Language English