Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth

By Tommy Rosa, Stephen Sinatra

Author Tommy Rosa infused healing energy into the covers of this book. Let it flow through you on your journey to revitalized health, a newfound sense of purpose, and spiritual balance.

In 1999, Bronx-born plumber Tommy Rosa died after being the victim of a hit-and-run incident. Lying by the road, he felt a tug whisking him off into a tunnel of light. He found himself in a blessed place. He was shown that God created the Earth to nourish and heal mankind and that our sense of separation from each other and the divine is of our own making. He met his Divine Teacher and received a series of profound lessons Eight Revelations about the nature of Heaven and Earth. Tommy returned to Earth with a heightened sense of connection to one and all. But the bliss of Heaven was quickly replaced by a long and painful recovery, and Tommy struggled to make sense of all that he had learned.

Around the same time, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, an integrative cardiologist, was revolutionizing his medical practice with a holistic approach to treatment. When a chance meeting brought the two men together, they gradually came to realize that the revelations of healing Tommy gleaned from his near-death experience aligned with the groundbreaking results Dr. Sinatra was seeing in his own practice and scientific research.

Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth connects divine wisdom with the science of how we can live as God intended. Fully corroborated by Dr. Sinatra's four decades of medical expertise, these divine lessons bring Heaven and Earth a little bit closer.



As one of America's foremost integrative cardiologists, Dr. Sinatra wonderfully explains how to apply the invaluable health lessons Tommy Rosa learned on his journey to Heaven. While not everyone has the opportunity to have a NDE, the authors make this rare and special experience accessible - bringing Heaven and Earth just a little bit closer. "Mark Hyman, MD, author of The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet"

"Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth" is mesmerizing. For the first time, the revelations (of Heaven) from a near death experience have been skillfully used to teach us how to live healthfully in our bodies right here on earth. I love this book. "Christiane Northrup, MD, author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause"

"Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth" is a bold yet loving testimonial that elegantly explores humankind's most transcendent questions. Through first hand experience, Sinatra and Rosa reveal important clues surrounding the great mystery. "David Perlmutter, MD, FACN, author of Grain Brain"

This book comes from someone who took an extraordinary trip to heaven and came back to impart profound, life-changing lessons. Tommy juxtaposes a deeply spiritual perspective with Dr. Sinatra's practical, hands-on strategies to maintain a healthy, happy mind, body, and spirit. "Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth" will change your life, so be prepared. "JJ Virgin, CNS, CHFS, author of JJ Virgin's Sugar Impact Diet"

Having had a NDE at age four, I know the feeling of disappointment I experienced when I didn't die. Consciousness does not die and the experience and wisdom shared here will help you to live, learn, and accept the truth about life and so-called death. "Bernie Siegel, M.D., author of A Book of Miracles"

Dr. Sinatra has always been on the leading edge in whatever he focuses his attention on. He is one of the leaders in natural cardiology and the benefits of grounding or earthing. In "Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth," he provides even more insights o how to stay healthy based on revelations gleaned from Tommy Rosa's very special prolonged near death experience. "Dr. Joseph Mercola, author of Effortless Healing"

"Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth" is in equal parts informative, inspiring, and revelatory. Told from two fascinating perspectives, Dr. Sinatra and Tommy Rosa shed new and much needed light on life's greatest mystery. A powerful and brilliant work; highly recommended. "Nicholas Perricone, MD, FACN, CNS, author of Forever Young"

"Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth" connects you to that "impossible to find" place through Tommy Rosa's story. We all want to know...what was there, what was it like, why did you come back? What are the lessons and how do we apply them to the present in order to live a better life physically, emotionally, and spiritually? Dr. Sinatra's section of the book supports that mysterious door that Tommy went through. This book really makes you want to believe and is a riveting read. "Suzanne Somers, actress and author of TOX-SICK and Bombshell"

As I read "Heaven and Earth" the tears ran down my face because I knew instinctively Tommy Rosa and Steve Sinatra were telling us the most beautiful truth about W"ho" is with us every moment and what lies beyond this life. Such honesty and clarity is rare and I thank you for it. We live in a time when "scientific prove" is deemed as the ultimate evidence but Tommy, Steve, myself and many others know there is much, much more than what can be proven with numbers. I urge you to read this book with an open and loving heart so that you too may receive the blessings within. Then, I urge you to carry its healing truth throughout this life so that it can be shared with all of God's children who are suffering. "Richard L. Becker, D.O., author of Foundations for Healing"

Every so often, you come across a book you feel compelled to read because it combines so many different aspects of life. "Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth" is one of those books. I read it, I loved it, I learned from it, and I recommend it. "Dannion Brinkley, author of Danny's Day In Heaven"

In the midst of our national health disaster, to encounter a book like "Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth "is like coming upon an oasis of refreshing water and wholesome nourishment. This is an amazing collaboration between the heaven-inspired spiritual healer, Tommy Rosa, and the humane, artful, highly skilled and down-to- earth heart doctor, Stephen Sinatra. I am certain readers who are lucky enough to read this book will find it life-changing in the best way. I heartily recommend these Revelations. "Robert A.F. Thurman, PhD, Professor of Religion at Columbia University and author of Love Your Enemies"

Whether you are a plumber or a heart doctor, the road less traveled always ends in the same place...spiritual so evidence in this must read, heart moving book. Mr. Rosa's and Dr. Sinatra's "Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth" is a beautifully orchestrated tapestry integrating mind and body; heart and soul. Don't miss out! "Eva Herr, author of Consciousness"

Emily Dickinson said, "The only secret people keep is immortality." "Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth" brings this "secret" into the open. It's about time, because empirical evidence now shows that human conscious extends beyond the body in space and time. The fear of total annihilation with bodily death has caused more suffering for humans than all the physical diseases combined. This book leads us beyond this grim vision to a destiny full of hope and beauty. "Larry Dossey, MD, author of One Mind"

For some decades, we have learned about the imperative to treat health in a holistic manner. Such an approach has included physical, emotional, social, psychological, and cultural dimensions, but now a highly-regarded cardiologist includes spirituality into the mix. "Heaven and Earth" takes us on the next step to an authentic holistic paradigm. "Nathan Katz, PhD, Professor of Jain/Religious Studies, Florida International University""


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