Helping Teens Who Cut: Understanding and Ending Self-Injury

By Michael R Hollander
Discovering that their teen 'cuts' is terrifying for parents. Without a clear understanding of what motivates cutting, many worry their teen may be contemplating suicide. The author, a leading authority on teen self-injury, gives parents the straight facts about this alarming behavior - and explains what they can do to make it stop.

"A reassuring, well-written resource for parents seeking answers, information, and help for a child who self-injures through cutting. While parents of teens who cut is the intended audience, teachers, health-care practitioners, and parents of teens in general may also benefit from the information and sound advice Hollander presents....Hollander offers practical advice to help parents better understand and communicate more effectively with their child. He clearly explains what is known about cutting behavior, addresses its causes, and identifies effective treatment options."--"Library Journal"
"Very readable and highly informative. I read this book after my daughter had undergone extensive treatment, and I strongly recommend it to all parents, especially those who are beginning the journey through treatment with their child and trying to understand self-harming behavior. What I appreciated most about the book were the explanations of the root causes of self-injury and the guidance on how to interact with your child in ways that support recovery."--Parent, Boston, Massachusetts

"Dr. Hollander's book is a lifeline to parents, offering reassurance and wisdom supported by experience. He seems to really understand how frightening it is to be the parent of a teen who cuts. This book provides relief, hope, and guidelines to follow. I am truly grateful for this book." --Parent, New York City

"Dr. Hollander manages to take a very complex problem and describe it in a language accessible to teens, parents, and those working with them. Most importantly, he does this without sacrificing what we know scientifically about teen cutting. He is one of the top trainers in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) worldwide, and it shows in this book. His skills as a therapist and his experience applying DBT with teens shine through. DBT is an effective treatment, and this book makes many of the fundamentals of the treatment accessible to the public. It is long overdue."--Marsha M. Linehan, PhD, ABPP, Professor and Director, Behavioral Research and Therapy Clinics, Department of Psychology, University of Washington

"This is an extremely thoughtful, wise, and empathic guide for the parents of teens caught up in the painful and complex web of self-injury.Both down to earth and practical, the book draws on substantial clinical experience and the latest scientific data. Dr. Hollander takes the mystery out of this confusing but all-too-prevalent behavior, debunks the many myths surrounding it, and deftly delineates state-of-the-art treatment principles. Dr. Hollander has done us a


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