Here She Comes! the Experienced Man S Guide to Understanding His Woman, Driving Her Crazy with Desire and Giving Her Stronger Orgasms

By Rod Govea
"Here She Comes! is a great gift for the Experienced Man. With an advanced, unrepressed (but not clinical) perspective, the authors present a refreshing view of the female sexual instinct, deciphering women's deep unconscious desires and explaining how to fulfill them. "Here She Comes!" shows how to: 1) Understand how her unconscious mind thinks, what she craves for and what she dreams about. 2) Touch, kiss, grab, feel, talk and have sex in a way that matches what she craves for, making her feel a deep, uncontrollable desire. 3) Adapt many different physical techniques to the particularities of each woman, to easily channel desire into powerful orgasms. "Here She Comes!" skips the basics and gives him what it takes to get a sexual black-belt.



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Publish date 05/01/2011
Pages 270
ISBN-13 9788564329027
ISBN-10 8564329026
Language English

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