Higher Life Design: Arriving at Your Intended Destination Healthy, Wealthy, and Happy

By Jefferson Santos
I walked down the sidewalk on my way to the mailbox fearing the worst. Rather than a friend, the mailbox seemed more like an assassin. Its favorite target? My pride. My future. And most devastating - my credit score. I wasn t financially irresponsible, but then again Donald Trump wasn t sitting at my feet to learn any tips about money management either. Truth is I was broke. Worse than that, I was broke and in the hole. Yep. Twenty-three years old, $70K in debt, and living with my mom in her apartment. I was the essence of a self-made man. Except that I hadn t made anything yet and I definitely didn t feel like a man at the moment. Despite a large amount of entrepreneurial ambition for my new business start-up, life had me in a choke hold and I felt close to tapping out. ------------------------- Life held Author Jefferson Santos up against the ropes until he discovered the answer, the 7 steps that now make up the "Higher Life Design." Today a competent and confident entrepreneur, Jefferson earns over 7 figures. A quarter of a million strong, his international team grows daily. He s trained teams from A to Z from Amsterdam to Zimbabwe and everywhere else in between. His house and car are both paid for by his company and in the past 84 months he s taken 107 vacations. In this transformational book Jefferson will show you the 7 step model that changed his life. ------------------------ What if you had vibrant health, abundant wealth, and unending happiness? What if you got the exact results you wanted? Think it s too good to be true? Think again. Think Higher Life Design."


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ISBN: 9781630471330

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Publisher Morgan James Publishing
Publish date 02/10/2015
Pages 160
ISBN-13 9781630471330
ISBN-10 163047133X
Language English

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