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Holy Water

    By James P Othmer
A mordant, ruefully funny novel about downsizing, outsourcing, globalization, third-world dictatorships, and vasectomies, by the acclaimed author of "The Futurist "and "Adland."
Henry Tuhoe is the quintessential twenty-first-century man. He has a vague, well-compensated job working for a multinational conglomerate--but everyone around him is getting laid off as the company outsources everything it can to third-world countries.
He has a beautiful wife--his college sweetheart--and an idyllic new home in the leafy suburbs, complete with pool. But his wife won't let him touch her, even though she demanded he get a vasectomy; he's seriously overleveraged on the mortgage; and no matter what chemicals he tries the pool remains a corpselike shade of ghastly green.
Then Henry's boss offers him a choice: go to the tiny, magical, about-to-be-globalized Kingdom of Galado to oversee the launch of a new customer-service call center for a boutique bottled water company the conglomerate has just acquired, or lose the job with no severance. Henry takes the transfer, more out of fecklessness than a sense of adventure.
In Galado, a land both spiritual and corrupt, Henry wrestles with first-world moral conundrums, the life he left behind, the attention of a steroid-abusing, megalomaniacal monarch, and a woman intent on redeeming both his soul and her country. The result is a riveting piece of fiction of and for our times, blackly satirical, moving, and profound.


EXCERPTS: Holy Water: An Excerpt

Posted June 17, 2010, 7:52 PM with category of General Business
Like great fiction, good advertising tells a story. It creates an alternate reality we want to enter. So when an ad man like James P. Read more


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