How Do I Keep My Employees Motivated?

By Phd George Langelett
Are you looking for a better way to connect with your employees and keep them motivated? Every person in your organization desires to be understood and accepted. The purpose of this book is to teach you how to empathize with each of your employees, and create a better work environment. When work days become mundane, you will learn how to create a sense of connection with your employees. During stressful times, you can display empathy to calm and reassure each employee, so that they can think clearly and problem solve. The purpose of empathy-based management is to create a work environment in which employees internalize your support and encouragement, and this sense of connection inspires their professional growth and development. The goal of empathy-based management is to develop managers and employees who are: (1) motivated and ethical, (2) competent, and (3) enjoyable coworkers. How Do I Keep My Employees Motivated? provides clear, specific technics that teach you how to empathize and create an atmosphere where everyone working for you feels accepted and understood. Through empathy you will be able to create an environment that results in professional growth and internalized motivation.


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Publisher River Grove Books
Publish date 05/13/2014
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ISBN-13 9781938416736
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