How to Reform a Business School - The Ivy League Way: Theory and Practice of Curricular Reform Implementation with an In-Depth Study of Yale School of

By Ashish Jaiswal

Within 100 years of its existence, BUSINESS, for better or worse, has become the most popular subject in higher education, sending a larger number of graduates into the economy than any other. Ironically, the most popular discipline is also now the most condemned. Undoubtedly, business schools are at a crossroads and under the scanner. In How to Reform a Business School, Ashish Jaiswal meticulously demonstrates the problems plaguing the world of business schools and brings together the key contextual debates and concepts of foundational theory on the subject of reforms in MBAs. 

Jaiswal makes a major methodological contribution to this little-explored field by presenting a novel exploratory framework - which employs a fresh combination of the social constructionist and implementation perspectives - to research the implementation of business school reform. Jaiswal conducts a rigorous in-depth case study of one of the most substantial curricular and pedagogical reforms in business school history: recently undertaken by Yale School of Management. The Yale case study illustrates the forces influencing the development of a unique integrated MBA curriculum at an Ivy League business school and presents the factors that can help business schools around the world in implementing a successful reform. Jaiswal establishes how the perceived identity of a particular business school impacts upon the way in which MBA curricula are evolving. 

Ashish Jaiswal presents a strong argument against the monolithic treatment of higher education in the reform literature and urges scholars to focus on departmental idiosyncrasies and the territorial characteristics of subjects, particularly in the MBA where context, market and accreditation dynamics play a vital role. How to Reform a Business School is a must read for business schools wanting to break the shackles of the ordinary


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