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How to Teach English Spelling: Including the Spelling Rules and 151 Spelling Lists

By John J Fulford

English spelling is complex, confusing, and often seems illogical. Teaching English spelling often seems a thankless task. No matter what techniques the teacher or parent uses, the results are often disappointing.

This book, written by an experienced English teacher and the author of The Complete Guide to English Spelling Rules, should bring a sigh of relief to those teachers and parents who struggle to teach their students how to spell and keep wondering if there is a better method.

What is wildly radical about the teaching method offered in this book? Simply, the students need to know why the word is spelled that way. They must know the rules that govern how we spell words. The student must also know how to break a word into syllables and pronounce it correctly. Once your students have grasped the why and the how, they will have gained a familiarity with that word and will be able to place it firmly in their long-term memories.

Created as a companion book to The Complete Guide to English Spelling Rules, the fifty-two chapters in this book cover everything. The spelling rules are explained simply and clearly with examples. And the book is arranged so that the teacher or parent can choose which chapters to teach and which to leave for another time.

For busy teachers, the most valuable part of this book will be the 151 carefully chosen word lists. From these lists the teacher or parent can choose words according to individual students' abilities.


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