The Human City: Urbanism for the Rest of Us

By Joel Kotkin
"The Human City presents the most cogent, evidence-based and clear-headed exposition of the pro-suburban argument. . . . enriching our understanding of what cities are about and what they can and must become." --Wall Street Journal

Around the globe, most new urban development has adhered to similar tenets: tall structures, small units, and high density. In The Human City, Joel Kotkin--called "America's uber-geographer" by David Brooks of the New York Times--questions these nearly ubiquitous practices, suggesting that they do not consider the needs and desires of the vast majority of people. Built environments, Kotkin argues, must reflect the preferences of most people--especially those of families--even if that means lower-density development.

The Human City ponders the purpose of the city and investigates the factors that drive most urban development today. Armed with his own astute research, a deep-seated knowledge of urban history, and a sound grasp of economic, political, and social trends, Kotkin pokes holes in what he calls the "retro-urbanist" ideology and offers a refreshing case for dispersion centered on human values.

This book is not anti-urban, but it does advocate a greater range of options for people to live the way they want at all stages of their lives.

Praise for Joel Kotkin s "The Next Hundred Million: America in 2050" "Given the viral finger-pointing and hand-wringing over what's seen as America's decline these days, Mr. Kotkin's book provides a timely and welcome. . . antidote." Sam Roberts, "New York Times" "Kotkin. . . offers a well-researched and very sunny forecast for the American economy. . . . His confidence is well-supported and is a reassuring balm amid the political and economic turmoil of the moment." "Publishers Weekly" "A fascinating glimpse into a crystal ball, rich in implications that are alternately disturbing and exhilarating." "Kirkus Reviews" "Kotkin provides a well-argued, well-researched and refreshingly calm perspective." Joe Friesen, "The Globe and Mail" "For Mr. Kotkin, population growth translates into economic vitality the capacity to create wealth, raise the standard of living and meet the burdens of future commitments. Thus a country with a youthful demographic, in relative terms, enjoys a big advantage over its global counterparts." "The Wall Street Journal" "Lamenting its own decline has long been an American weakness. . . . Those given to such declinism may derive a little comfort from Joel Kotkin s latest book." "The Economist" "Kotkin has a striking ability to envision how global forces will shape daily family life, and his conclusions can be thought-provoking as well as counterintuitive." WBUR-FM, Boston's NPR News Station

Praise for Joel Kotkin s "The New Class Conflict" "Kotkin is to be commended for seeing past the daily bric-a-brac of American politics to perceive the newly emerging class divisions." Jay Cost, "The Washington Free Beacon" ." . . Paints a dire picture of the undeclared war on the middle class." Kyle Smith, "New York Post" ." . . In having the courage to junk the old nostrums, [Kotkin] has taken an important step forward." "Financial Times" "This original and provocative book should stimulate fresh thinking and produce vigorous dissent." "Foreign Affairs"

Praise for Joel Kotkin s "The City: A Global History" ." . . This fast read succeeds most with Kotkin as storyteller, flying through time and around the world to weave so many disparate histories into one urban tapestry." The Fifth Annual Planetizen Top 10 Books List, 2006 Edition "No one knows more about cities than Joel Kotkin, and has more to teach us about them. In "The City," Kotkin takes us on a brisk and invigorating tour of cities from the Babylon of ancient times to the burgeoning exurbs of today. It is impossible not to learn a lot from this book." Michael Barone, "U.S. News and World Report" ." . . Offers fascinating insight into the ideologies that have created different city designs, and into the natural human desire to gather together to live and for commerce." Steve Greenhut, "The Orange County Register" "The book is taut, elegant, informative and lots of fun to read. When I got to the end, I wished it had been longer." Alan Ehrenhalt, "Governing Magazine" "


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