The Ideal Copy

By Ben Sears
Plus Man and Hank have been blacklisted and have replaced treasure hunting with job-hunting, before landing a catering job at a swank hotel. But trouble doesn't wait for hors d'oeuvres as the boys find themselves with a main course of counterfeiting crooks to crack!

"Reading Ben's work is so much fun. I love his use of color and his characters. It reads like he had a blast making it." -- Brandon Graham, King City, Multiple Warheads, Prophet, ISLAND Magazine

"[I]magine Indiana Jones as told by Hayao Miyazaki." -- Zainab Akhtar, The Guardian

"In terms of non-licensed, oddball series with massive elements of kids comics in play, I prefer Ben Sears to most of the artists working this corner of the funnybook playground." -- Tom Spurgeon, The Comics Reporter


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ISBN: 9781927668566

About the Paperback

Publisher Koyama Press - Koyama Press
Publish date 05/29/2018
Pages 88
ISBN-13 9781927668566
ISBN-10 1927668565
Language English

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