The Innovation Mentality: Six Strategies to Disrupt the Status Quo and Reinvent the Way We Work

By Glenn Llopis

Today's marketplace growth and business evolution requires leaders to immediately identify and close opportunity gaps by leveraging the full potential of their workplace culture, employees, teams, partnerships, and client and consumer relationships. This requires leaders to take ownership of a new mindset: the innovation mentality.

In this insightful yet practical book, Glenn Llopis brings attention to the alarming leadership identity crisis plaguing today's businesses and articulates the mindset behind The Innovation Mentality to help leaders like you recognize and capitalize on growth opportunities.
Llopis delivers an in-depth look at what it really means to be a leader and invites you to discover and implement six essential strategies designed to disrupt the status quo and reinvent the way you work. These six strategies will help you:

  • Discover your leadership identity and what you solve for
  • Define your workplace culture to attract and develop talent that best serves the marketplace
  • Move employees from the fringe to the center of your growth strategy
  • See diversity and inclusion as a profit center rather than a cost center


The Innovation Mentality stands out from the rest by its elegant simplicity to point out the obvious: We are no longer what we used to be. Enterprises that are focused on the past and the present will miss the future. Llopis knows where America s profitable future will be. He has lived it.
-Mike Fernandez, Chairman, MBF Healthcare Partners

Llopis has identified a winning strategy for 21st century leadership: be forward thinking, embrace diversity of thought, and commit to strategically aligning the needs of your people, consumers and business.
-Robert W. Stone, President and CEO of City of Hope, a Cancer Research and Treatment Institution Dedicated to Innovation in Biomedical Research

Llopis approaches business issues of diversity, leadership, and innovation from a fresh perspective and has crafted a book that is both inspirational and highly applicable. The Innovation Mentality is a must read for anyone who wants to leverage rapid demographic shifts in the workplace and marketplace to achieve personal and professional success.
-Taylor Flake, Vice President, Human Resources Global Groups at PepsiCo

Our evolution and growth as a business is founded on an unwavering commitment to putting people, customers, and associates at the center of what we do. The six strategies in The Innovation Mentality elevate and strengthen our core values by reinforcing the importance of creating environments where authenticity is encouraged and deeply valued.
-Gisel Ruiz, Executive Vice President, International People Division at Walmart



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