The Innovation Zone: How Great Companies Re-Innovate for Amazing Success

By Thomas M Koulopoulos
For Steve Jobs and Bill Ford, Microsoft and 3M, a new business model of innovation has become the driving force behind their success. With strong leadership and a disciplined process, today s leaders are creating more than great productsthey are taking the role of innovation beyond R&D, placing it squarely at the center of the organization s core competencies and changing the very nature of the customer experience. Packed with examples and stories about the way innovation takes place inside dozens of next-generation global organizations, "The Innovation Zone" takes a first-hand look behind the glitz of the latest gadgets to explore the methods, tools and behaviors that build increasing market value for the company, respect for the brand and long-term competitive dominance. This new playbook for developing and leading a culture of innovation debunks the traditional thinking that it all begins as a single invention or flash of insight. Instead, the author s Innovation 2.0 framework, assessment tools and techniques and classic examplesfrom NASA and the space suit to the Sony Walkman and GM s OnStardemonstrate how the Seven Lessons of Innovation can be learned by any leader committed to creating a protected space where ideas are identified and evaluated, and championing the process throughout the organization.

  • 9781857885798
  • 9781857885798
  • 9781857885798

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ISBN: 9781857885798

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Publisher Nicholas Brealey Publishing
Publish date 06/01/2011
Pages 201
ISBN-13 9781857885798
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