The Internet of Healthy Things

By Joseph C Kvedar Md
By 2020, experts predict that more than 20 billion everyday objects will be able to capture, receive and share data via a vast, interconnected global network linked together by inexpensive sensors, GPS and 'the cloud.' Just around the corner, real time biometric data will be automatically captured and used to learn more about the impact of lifestyle on chronic diseases and wellness, and ultimately change behavior to improve our health. A technological and social shift of this magnitude will be felt by virtually every sector of the economy, every business and every human being. It's a story that needs to be told by someone who has more than an academic understanding of this megatrend -- it needs to be told by someone who helped to create it. In his new book, The Internet of Healthy Things, (IoHT) connected health pioneer and visionary Dr. Joe Kvedar describes the phenomena driving this trend and the business opportunities that arise from it. Connecting to the IoHT presents a huge opportunity for all sectors of business and society, including payers, providers, pharma and biotech companies, and technology vendors, as well as newcomers to the space with fresh, creative ideas. This book shares Dr. Kvedar's observations as a 20-year veteran in the field, as well as: - Insights on consumer behavior, outlining the strategies and programs that can apply to the coming IoHT, while anticipating future trends - Highlights ways to design personal health devices and platforms that make the health consumer experience more compelling and addictive - Reviews new and potential applications of the many different (and novel) form factors that can be used for connecting health information to consumers - Offers strategic advice for startups and entrepreneurs to the connected health market - Includes interviews with top industry leaders, healthcare providers, innovators and investors - Foreword by Harry L. Leider, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer and Group Vice President, Walgreen Company



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