Invincible: The 10 Lies You Learn Growing Up with Domestic Violence, and the Truths to Set You Free

By Brian F Martin
In vin ci ble incapable of being overcome
When you grow up living with domestic violence, witnessing those you love tear each other down with physical and verbal blows, your brain doesn t know how to deal with that. From INVINCIBLE's Foreword by Tony Robbins
According to UNICEF, growing up with domestic violence is one of the most pervasive human rights violations in the world, affecting more than a billion people. Yet, too few people are aware of the profound impact it can have.
INVINCIBLE seeks to change this lack of awareness and understanding with a compelling look at this important issue, informing and inspiring anyone who grew up living with domestic violence and those who love them, work with them, teach them, and mentor them.
Through powerful first-person stories, including the author s own experiences, as well as insightful commentary based on the most recent social science and psychology research, Invincible not only offers a deeper understanding of the concerns and challenges of domestic violence, but also provides proven strategies everyone can use to reclaim their lives and futures.
What did you learn growing up with domestic violence? Do you know how this has had an impact on your life? How have you dealt with it?
Today, are there certain things about yourself that you wish weren t true? Many of them aren t. They are lies you learned.
INVINCIBLE exposes the lies, reveals the truths, and offers the insight and the skills you need to go from feeling and acting:
Guilty to Free
Resentful to Compassionate
Sad to Grateful
Alone to Trusting
Angry to Passionate
Hopeless to Guided
Worthless to Accomplished
Fearful to Confident
Self-Conscious to Attractive
Unloved to Loved
The truth is, no obstacle you will ever face can compare to what you went through as a child and have already conquered. The author is donating all net royalties to the Childhood Domestic Violence Association."

"I have never shared the fact that I was a child of domestic violence. And, if I had not met Brian Martin, I wodon't know if I would have. What appeals to me most about Brian's approach is that it is based on empowerment. Our experiences as children living with domestic violence have given us the equiptment--a secret weapon if you will--to overcome all kinds of obstacles in our lives. It means we are "not" victims, we are victorious." "--"Tony Robbins, bestselling author, "Peak Performance Strategist" ..".Attention-grabbing and revealing, giving us insight into the world of CDV. It will be a valuable tool for our staff and New York City's most vulnerable population--its children." "--"Trevor M. Johns, Acting Associate Commissioner, NYC Administration for Children's Services "After reading INVINCIBLE, I was struck by the sheer magnitude of children and adults whose lives are impacted by childhood domestic violence. The stories will touch your heart and make you aware of this huge crisis facing our children throughout the world." "--"Marlene Lund, Exec. Director, Center fir Urban Education Ministries "Packed with inspirational stories of those who through courage and compassion have transformed their lives, this is a helpful book for anyone who grew up living with domestic violence. It shows that it is possible to overcome the obstacles of a childhood filled with violence and move forward." "--"Stephen Joseph, author of" What Doesn't Kill Us: The New Psychology of Posttraumatic Growth" "INVINCIBLE can be a catalyst for change in the lives of millions who grew up living with domestic violence as it gives them a compelling roadmap on the journey to heal and attain the lives they were always meant to have. It is a valuable resource that can renew their hope and guide them on the path to reaching their full potential." " ---"Caryl Stern, CEO of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF "This is a unique book filled with inspiring and positive suggestions for adults seeking to overcome the harmful effects of exposure to domestic violence during childhood. It is solidly based on research findings but written in a straightforward way that is readily accessible to readers. I highly recommend it." " --"Dr. Sandra A. Graham-Bermann, Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry, University of Michigan "This deeply compassionate book will help people who grew up with domestic violence heal the wounds of their past while providing a clear roadmap for a healthier and happier future." "--"Kristin Neff, PhD, Associate Professor, Human Development and Culture, Department of Educational Psychology, University of Texas at Austin, Author, "Self-Compassion: The proven power of being kind to yourself" "INVINCIBLE is poignant, challenging, illuminating, and compassionate - all at the same time. Brian does a fantastic job of illustrating points with real-life stories and a fresh perspective. The book goes way beyond describing the issue; it provides clear insight into the thinking and behavior patterns that result from these experiences. Readers are not alone." --Chris Newlin, MS, LPC, Executive Director, National Children's Advocacy Center """INVINCIBLE""will have an immediate impact on our outreach and attempts to create bonds in the communities surrounding our churches, as well as within the existing memberships." --Rev. Dr. David H. Benke, Bishop/President, Atlantic District, Lutheran Church Missouri Synod



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