Invisible Ink: Navigating Racism in Corporate America

By Stephen M Graham

An Ivy League degree propelled Stephen Graham into the world of corporate law. There he expected to be judged on his accomplishments-and he was. But unlike his white colleagues, Graham had to fight against a constant undercurrent of racial bias.

Invisible Ink recounts Graham's experiences with bias and racism in corporate America. Unlike racially motivated violence or overt bigotry, racial bias in the business world is usually subtle, often going undetected unless coaxed to the surface. Such racism is insidious and deeply ingrained in corporate America. Succeeding means battling against prejudice on a daily basis-all while white colleagues maintain racial bias doesn't exist or is of no consequence, dismissing attempts to confront prejudice as "playing the race card."

Such is the environment Graham has navigated throughout his corporate career. His personal stories reveal the ever-changing contours of a racial bias that denigrates and demeans through continuous, low-grade attacks, grinding down its victims over time.

That Graham succeeded in such an environment is a testament to his talent and dedication. That such an environment should exist at all is indefensible.


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