The Invisible Sale: How to Build a Digitally Powered Marketing and Sales System to Better Prospect, Qualify and Close Leads

By Tom Martin
Build a High-Impact, Low-Hassle Digital Sales Prospecting System That Works!

Hate cold calling? Stop doing it! Build a supercharged, highly automated digital sales prospecting system that attracts more qualified leads, shortens sales cycles, and increases conversion rates--painlessly! In The Invisible Sale , Tom Martin reveals techniques he's used to drive consistent double-digit growth through good times and bad, with no cold calling. Martin's simple, repeatable process helps you laser-target all your marketing activities, sales messages, and sales calls based on what your prospects are actually telling you. Martin boils complex ideas down to simple, straightforward language...real-life case studies...easy-to-understand templates...and actionable solutions!

- Discover the "invisible funnel," where self-educated buyers are making decisions before you know they exist
- Leverage Funnel Optimized website design to identify your prospects' key challenges before you ever speak to them
- Integrate social media, content, and email to optimize the entire prospecting process
- Make every sales call count with behaviorally targeted email prospecting
- Leverage Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to efficiently "prospect at scale"
- Use the science of propinquity to choose "outposts," strategize social networking, and drive offline campaigns
- Save money by rightsizing production quality to each marketing requirement
- Rapidly create keyword-rich text content, and use it widely to promote self-qualification
- Create webinars and tutorials more easily and painlessly than you ever thought possible
- Choose low-cost devices, apps, software, and accessories for quickly creating high-quality DIY media content
- Learn how to apply Aikido Selling Techniques to close self-educated buyers


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