The Island of Dr. Moreau

By H G Wells
After a collision between two ships in rough seas, the wreck's sole survivor languished for eight days under a merciless sun. With neither food nor drink death seemed certain, but miraculously, Edward Prendick survived. Yet what he would encounter in the days ahead was more horrible and terrifying than death, for the island on which he landed was the home of the infamous Dr. Moreau whose goal was to create a powerful new breed of animal part man and part beast. Is it a miracle of science or a crime against nature?

""The Island of Dr. Moreau takes us into an abyss of human nature. This book is a superb piece of storytelling." --V. S. Pritchett

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ISBN: 9780486290270

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Publisher Dover Publications
Publish date 01/12/1996
Pages 104
ISBN-13 9780486290270
ISBN-10 0486290271
Language English

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