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It's Not Who You Know -- It's Who Knows You!: The Small Business Guide to Raising Your Profits by Raising Your Profile

    By David Avrin
Raise your profile and get the attention you deserve -- or your business, your brand, or yourself!

Almost everyone who runs a business recognizes the value of generating high-profile attention for their company, product, or service. Unfortunately, the high cost of hiring an outside marketing or PR firm can put these kinds of efforts out of reach for many small businesses and individual professionals. In his new book "It's Not Who You Know--It's Who Knows You!, " noted speaker and "visibility expert" David Avrin shows you how to craft, build, and promote your own brand and win the eyes and ears of the marketplace.

This book offers a refreshing, new perspective on marketing, PR and strategic branding while giving you the tools and creative advice you need to solidify your market niche by differentiating yourself from the competition, crafting a truly marketable and promotable brand, and raising your visibility. If you want to get noticed and turn the spotlight on your business by becoming more newsworthy, this is the only resource you need.Offers refreshingly creative and eye-opening strategies and tactics on marketing and promoting your businessAuthor David Avrin is a renowned marketing, PR, and branding speaker and expert and also the author of "The 20 Best and Worst Questions Reporters Ask" and "The Gift in Every Day--Little Lessons on Living a Big Life"Helps you define and refine your message to consumers to get more attention from the mediaThe perfect marketing and PR guide for America's 30 million small businessesGets results without the high price of marketing and PR professionals

The strategies and tools here will help you discover and promote what is truly unique about your business and brand with a renewed sense of purpose and a clearer, more effective direction.


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