Lean Habits for Lifelong Weight Loss: Mastering 4 Core Eating Behaviors to Stay Slim Forever

By Georgie Fear

Simple, Everyday Habits for a Lifetime of Leanness

If you feel like you've tried every fad diet in town and you're still carrying extra weight, "Lean Habits" is your answer. With easy tweaks to everyday decisions, you'll enjoy your meals, have tons more energy and most of all, you'll achieve long-term weight loss success without food restrictions.

Georgie Fear is a registered dietitian and nutrition expert whose specialty is one-on-one coaching to help people lose weight permanently. "Lean Habits" is her personalized plan. It is not a diet; it's a lifestyle. Other diets that dictate calorie counting or food restrictions simply don't work because they're not sustainable. You lose the weight only to gain it back when you get sick of avoiding all your favorite foods. What does work are small, personalized changes to your lifestyle like learning to sense when you are truly hungry, and recognizing the signs to stop eating at "just enough" which lead to healthier eating habits that you practice every day.

"Lean Habits" will help you understand your relationship with food, your habits that are keeping you from weight loss and how you can start listening to your body's real needs. Simple modifications will be your stepping-stones to a healthy life in which you lose weight while still eating the food you love. Georgie's strategy is founded on rock-solid modern scientific data and is accessible to everyone even those who love chocolate.

This is the weight-loss guide for real people, so, if you're ready to get started on your real-life weight loss journey, take a deep breath and let's get lean!"


"Bogus weight loss miracle cures flood the market, but with this book you've finally found the facts from one of the most straight shooting dietitians in the business. I recommend" Lean Habits" to all my readers." --James Fell, internationally syndicated fitness columnist and author of" Lose it Right"

"Georgie's program makes healthy eating as comfortable and routine as waking up in the morning." --Matt Fitzgerald, sports nutritionist, endurance coach and author of the bestselling book "Racing Weight"

"If you want to get off the merry-go-round of trendy diets that get you nowhere but frustrated, let Lean Habits be your guide." --Sarah A. Samaan, MD, FACC, cardiologist and author of "Best Practices for a Healthy Heart" and "The DASH Diet for Dummies"

"Forget about those fad diets that are unmanageable and unsupported by the scientific literature for long-term weight loss. "Lean Habits" is a scientific-based approach that can help individuals adopt better eating and lifestyle behaviors that are realistic, achievable and maintainable for all." --Virginia Quick, PhD, RD, Assistant Professor of Nutrition, James Madison University



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