The Legacy Spectrum: Passing Your Wealth with Thought and Meaning

By Mark A. Weber

Individuals can take a broad range of actions to leave behind legacies, but too many believe "traditional" estate plans are the only option. Author Mark Weber argues, from long experience working with wealthy families, that there is a spectrum of actions, and legacies involve more than financial assets. In The Legacy Spectrum, Weber describes a process that begins with attaining and maintaining confidence in having "enough" for one's own financial security before determining how much is enough, but not too much, for children. The process he has created can involve incorporating philanthropy in one's legacy and using charitable giving to pass values to children. As a practical matter, Weber shows readers how to use family meetings to provide a financial education for children, strengthen family ties and prepare children to receive an inheritance. The Legacy Spectrum includes case studies from Weber's years of experience working with wealthy families to create legacies that pass assets as well as values and bring families closer together. It includes sample worksheets and forms to help readers pass their wealth with thought and meaning.


Mark is the author of The Legacy Spectrum: Passing Your Wealth With Thought And Meaning, (Vinton Street Press, 2017), and co-author with Philip Cubeta of its companion Workbook. He has provided financial and estate planning advice to some of the wealthiest families in America for over 30 years. Mark has also led scores of advisors though philanthropy classes that have benefitted hundreds of families, nonprofits and communities. In his own family, he has helped two generations create meaningful legacies for children and build close family ties.


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