Legend of the Blue Unicorn

By Britt Brundige, Sybrina Durant
The Blue Unicorn is a member of a magical tribe of Metal Horned Unicorns. Each has a magic power related to the properties contained in their metal horns...all except for Blue. He is just a plain blue unicorn but the tribe must depend on him for something only he alone can accomplish. Join him on a fantastic journey as he goes on a quest to save his tribe. He meets many incredible creatures all across the land...some that want to eat him and some that risk their own lives to help him with his quest.

This story was originally intended to be an epic full length novel, when it was first conceived by Sybrina Durant in 1987. Unfortunately, that epic was never completed or published. In 1988, it was shortened into a children's story with the help of children's book author, Sandi Johnson. That little story was never officially published. In the summer of 2002, the story was re-visited by Britt Brundige, Sandi's daughter. Hers is the version that you will read in this book. Most of the characters are the original creation of Sybrina Durant, but some of the dragons featured here are Britt's inventions. Britt kept the main themes of the story alive and has been faithful to it's characters. It took many more years before the book would finally be published but here in 2014 is Britt's version, ready for your enjoyment. Introducing...the Blue Unicorn and the Tribe of the Metal Horn.



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ISBN: 9781929063093

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Publisher Sybrina Publishing
Publish date 10/19/2014
Pages 42
ISBN-13 9781929063093
Language English

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