Life Above and Beyond the Rim: 10 Principles to Break Through Barriers and Elevate Success in Your Life

By Joe Courtney

"I have fond memories of Joe Courtney's attitude, work ethic and skills when he played for the Phoenix Suns in the 1990's. That work ethic and passion carried on after basketball and lead to success in an entirely different environment. His book should serve as a tremendous inspiration to people of all ages, athletes and non athletes regarding commitment, compassion and empowerment." -Jerry Colangelo Chairman of USA Basketball and former owner of the Phoenix Suns How did Joe Courtney, a kid who didn't pick up a basketball until the end of freshman year in high school, make it to the NBA? How did that same kid go on to pivot from the lofty heights of professional sports to success in real estate and the design-and-build industry? In Life above and beyond the Rim, former NBA player Joe Courtney shares the keys he and other successful people have used in order to break through barriers and achieve success above the limits. He offers ten dynamic principles and techniques to give you the ability to: Identify the life you really want Get rid of debilitating hesitation so you can make clear choices Prepare you for what to look for in your journey to success Identify the rim that limits you Expose the thief responsible and give you personal power Learn how to transform from trying to doing Create a structure that ensures success Get results now Create a legacy through others Entertaining and informative, Life above and beyond the Rim shares stories from Courtney's NBA days to being a business owner running several companies. It draws comparisons to the keys and how they work so you have the tools that will allow you to experience life and success above and beyond your limits.


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Publisher iUniverse
Publish date 06/01/2014
Pages 178
ISBN-13 9781491735626
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