Likeable Business: Why Today's Consumers Demand More and How Leaders Can Deliver

By Dave Kerpen

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It pays to be LIKEABLE!

Dave Kerpen has explained why customers expect more, and he gives you the tools to deliver on your brand promise. Be honest, be transparent, and be authentic. If you want to be likeable in business, you must read this book!
Jeffrey Hayzlett, bestselling author of "Running the Gauntlet" and "The Mirror Test"

Dave Kerpen s manifesto on becoming a likeable leader of a likeable business applies equally well to social entrepreneurs and the nonprofit sector. Gratitude is his concluding principle, and I sure am grateful to Dave for writing this book.
Charles Best, founder of

Kerpen demonstrates how building a likeable culture may be the most vital and rewarding strategy of all.
John Jantsch, author of "The Commitment Engine "and "Duct Tape Marketing"

This important, persuasive book will change the way you think about and operate your business. Anyone who hopes to lead successfully in the twenty-first century needs to read this book.
Meg Cadoux Hirshberg, author of "For Better or For Work: " "A Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs and Their Families"

About the Book:

You can have a rock-solid business strategy, unlimited resources, and the most talented people on staff. But only one thing is guaranteed in today s hyperconnected society: if your business isn t likeable, it will fail.

Dave Kerpen knows how important it is for a business to be liked by customers, employees, stakeholders, and the general public. He wrote the book on it. His groundbreaking bestseller "Likeable Social" "Media "changed the way businesses interact with their customers on a daily basis. "Likeable Business "lays out 11 strategies for organizations of all sizes to spur growth, profits, and overall success. Dave Kerpen reveals the remarkable returns you ll get when you gain the trust of your customers and stakeholders. In today s social media world, it literally pays to be likeable.

"Likeable Business "helps any leader at a smallor mid-sized company increase profits and spur growth by applying the 11 principles of business likeability, such as: LISTENING to customers, colleagues, shareholders and competitors AUTHENTICITY because today s savvy customer always knows when you re faking it TRANSPARENCY honesty builds trust, and any deviation can destroy your reputation ADAPTABILITY managing change and finding new opportunities is critical to success today SIMPLICITY in design, in form, and in function GRATEFULNESS every thank you is appreciated . . . and generates surprising returns!

Likeability spreads. As a business leader, you set the tone. Be likeable and your staff will be likeable which in turn creates a more likeable customer experience.

The blueprint for everlasting business likeability is in your hands. Apply Kerpen s basic principles day in and day out, and profits and growth are sure to follow."


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