Lo Que Vio el Perro y Otras Aventuras = What the Dog Saw and Other Adventures

By Malcolm Gladwell
Malcolm Gladwell's new book, presents nineteen brilliantly researched and provocative essays that exhibit the curiosity his readers love, each with a graceful narrative that leads to a thought-provoking analysis. The explorations here delve into subjects as vMaried as why some people choke while others panic; how changes meant to make a situation safer like childproof lids on medicine don't help because people often compensate with more reckless behavior; and the idea that genius is inextricably tied up with precocity. What the Dog Saw is organized thematically into three categories: Part One contains stories about what Gladwell calls "minor geniuses," people like Ron Popeil, the pitchman who by himself conceived, created, and sold the Showtime rotisserie oven to millions on TV, breaking every rule of the modern economy. Part Two demonstrates theories, or ways of organizing experience. For example, "Million-Dollar Murray" explores the problem of homelessness how to solve it, and whether solving it for the most extreme and costly cases makes sense as policy. In this particular piece, Gladwell looks at a controversial program that gives the chronic homeless the keys to their own apartments and access to special services while keeping less extreme cases on the street to manage on their own. In Part Three, Gladwell examines the predictions we make about people. "How do we know whether someone is bad, or smart, or capable of doing something really well?" he asks. He writes about how educators evaluate young teachers, how the FBI profiles criminals, how job interviewers form snap judgments. He is candid in his skepticism about these methods but fascinated by the Various Authors attempts to measure talent or personality."



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