The Longest Way Home: One Man's Quest for the Courage to Settle Down

By Andrew Mc Carthy
"A soulful and searching book. Vibrant and elegant...McCarthy's prose shines with intelligence and intimacy. One feels pulled along...the book gaining momentum and meaning page by page" (Cheryl Strayed, The New York Times Book Review).

WITH ABSORBING HONESTY AND AN IRREPRESSIBLE TASTE for adventure, award-winning travel writer and actor Andrew McCarthy takes us on a deeply personal journey played out amid some of the world's most evocative locales. Unable to commit to his fiancee of nearly four years--and with no clear understanding of what's holding him back-- McCarthy finds himself at a crossroads, plagued by doubts that have clung to him for a lifetime. Though he ventures from the treacherous slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro to an Amazonian riverboat and the dense Costa Rican rain forests, McCarthy's real journey is one of the spirit. Disarmingly likable, McCarthy isn't afraid to bare his soul on the page, and what emerges is an intimate memoir of self-discovery and an unforgettable love song to the woman who would be his wife.

"[The] reader gets to see the world in a way that only the author can show it and vicariously inhabit a self that only one person can be.... McCarthy achieves this with charm and credibility. . . [His] prose shines with intelligence and intimacy. . . . [This] soulful and searching book is ultimately that: a long, strange trip ion the direction of full-throttle love."--Cheryl Strayed ""The New York Times Book Review" "
"A candid, touching, and often humorous new memoir."


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ISBN: 9781451667509

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Publisher Simon & Schuster
Publish date 06/20/2013
Pages 271
ISBN-13 9781451667509
ISBN-10 1451667507
Language English

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