The Longevity Book: The Science of Aging, the Biology of Strength, and the Privilege of Time

By Cameron Diaz, Sandra Bark

New York Times bestseller

Cameron Diaz follows up her #1 New York Times bestseller, The Body Book, with a personal, practical, and authoritative guide that examines the art and science of growing older and offers concrete steps women can take to create abundant health and resilience as they age.

Cameron Diaz wrote The Body Book to help educate young women about how their bodies function, empowering them to make better-informed choices about their health and encouraging them to look beyond the latest health trends to understand their bodies at the cellular level. She interviewed doctors, scientists, nutritionists, and a host of other experts, and shared what she'd learned--and what she wished she'd known twenty years earlier.

Now Cameron continues the journey she began, opening a conversation with her peers on an essential topic that that for too long has been taboo in our society: the aging female body. In The Longevity Book, she shares the latest scientific research on how and why we age, synthesizing insights from top medical experts and with her own thoughts, opinions, and experiences.

The Longevity Book explores what history, biology, neuroscience, and the women's health movement can teach us about maintaining optimal health as we transition from our thirties to midlife. From understanding how growing older impacts various bodily systems to the biological differences in the way aging effects men and women; the latest science on telomeres and slowing the rate of cognitive decline to how meditation heals us and why love, friendship, and laughter matter for health, The Longevity Book offers an all-encompassing, holistic look at how the female body ages--and what we can all do to age better.

"The Longevity Book dives deep into the aging process and how women can (and should) totally own it."--Women's Health
Hollywood's leading ladies are D-O-N-E talking about the challenges of"getting older"--and none more so than Cameron Diaz. Her latest project, TheLongevity Book, dives deep into the aging process and how women can (andshould) totally own it. Pay attention, people--she's talking truths here first.--Hannah Morrill, Parade
After ten years of longevity research, I ve not read a book that more clearly describes the science of aging, nor one that offers a better prescription, than The Longevity Book. --Dan Buettner, National Geographic Society Fellow bestselling author of Blue Zones"
Brilliant... What I love about The Longevity Book is that it is not an anti-aging book.... It s about not being afraid of it and owning your age. --Rachael Ray"


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