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Make Your Move: Change the Way You Look at Your Business and Increase Your Bottom Line

By Alan N Beaulieu, Brian L Beaulieu

"I wish I had known" is commonly heard after major economic disruptions. Make Your Move shows you how to spot future changes well in advance so you have plenty of time to take advantage of them. It's packed with practical strategies and proven solutions that businesses of all sizes can immediately use to boost their bottom lines and strengthen their futures.
For over 27 years, authors Alan and Brian Beaulieu have specialized in forecasting future economic changes for businesses. Their accuracy rate of 96% has helped their clients increase their profits and build for the future -- even in the most severe economic downturns.


“Alan and Brian Beaulieu are rare and valuable economists.  Their analyses and prognoses are easy to understand, useable by business leaders, and (best of all) correct and prescient.  They guide us from macro-economic trends to our individual action plans.  And with their intelligence, humor and clarity, the Beaulieu brothers make our journey enjoyable and rewarding.” Rafael Pastor ?Chairman of the Board & CEO, Vistage International, Inc.

“There are changes coming, let’s get ready for them, and let’s be as profitable as we can be.  The methods ITR® employs are understandable and more importantly, applicable at the company level.” Ron Schreibman, Senior Vice President-Strategic Direction, National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW)

Alan Beaulieu is a highly-regarded economist who successfully predicted the latest recession and housing downturn almost three years before it came to pass. I have been impressed by his sound methodology, expertise and insight on several occasions in hearing him speak to Parker Hannifin Corporation's executive management team, as well as at the National Fluid Power Association's annual meetings. His years of study on how to spot business cycles, the development of leading economic indicators, and management objectives during the business cycle have been of invaluable help to Parker Hannifin and to many other companies."

Marwan Kashkoush, Executive Vice President Sales, Marketing and Operations Support, Parker Hannifin Corporation



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Publisher Morgan James Publishing
Publish date 06/01/2010
Pages 224
ISBN-13 9781600377198
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