Making Big Decisions Better: How to Set and Simplify Business Strategy

By Tim Lewko

Making Big Decisions Better is leading a global movement to equip present and next generation leaders with proven strategy tools that enable agile thinking that ignites stronger, more predictable, direct paths to profit.

No more academic theories. These are real tools and a system that enables improved strategic thinking and leadership.

This book bridges an unspoken gap in strategy thinking that until now, only provided leaders with just SWOT and Porter's 5 Forces as the language of strategy.   

By using the decision making tools in Making Big Decisions Better, you'll finally remove the mystique of those you manage up to, and lead those that report to you. You will standout and have a transportable set of tools for any role or industry.

There's never been a better time to break away from the outdated, mainstream strategy planning process that misused scarce resources, burned out its leaders and never delivered the results. 

It's your turn to learn and lead!


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Publish date 05/31/2017
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