Managing Customers as Investments: The Strategic Value of Customers in the Long Run

By Sunil Gupta, Donald Lehmann
What's a customer really worth? Can you find out, without endlesslycomplex modeling? And once you know, what should you do with thatknowledge? "Managing Your Customers as Investments" has the answers.You'll learn simple ways to get reliable customer value information--ina form you can use. You'll discover how to use it to measure marketingeffectiveness, generate improvements throughout the entire customerrelationship lifecycle, and improve decision-making. Everyone tells youto manage your business around customers. This book gives you the toolsto do it.


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ISBN: 9780132161619

About the Paperback

Publisher Pearson Prentice Hall
Publish date 01/29/2005
Pages 224
ISBN-13 9780132161619
ISBN-10 0132161613
Language English

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