The Marketing Plan Handbook: Develop Big-Picture Marketing Plans for Pennies on the Dollar

By Robert Bly
Deliver Big-Picture Marketing Plans for Pennies on the Dollar
Successful marketing expert and copywriter Robert W. Bly cuts through the clutter of short-lived marketing techniques and trendy gimmicks to reveal the critical steps you need to cross over from business owner to marketplace competitor.

Dishing bite-sized lessons, supported by in-chapter exercises and end-of-chapter actions, Bly coaches you in creating an effective marketing plan that produces the results of an expensive marketing consultant without the hefty cost.

Learn how to:
Develop a clear business vision
Position your business and services strategically
Research your market and target your ideal client
Integrate online and offline marketing
Put measurements in place to assess marketing tactics
Create an effective implementation schedule
Review and troubleshoot for future success and growth

Whether embarking on a new venture or reviving your current business plan, this practical handbook provides the next steps toward business success and survival.

If you wish to move to the top of your profession in terms of income, success, clientele, and prestige, Bob Bly brings decades of street honed experience to this game with the clarity and work ethic of a professional engineer. As you employ Bob s method, you ll realize you narrowly avoided diving into an empty swimming pool. I can t count how many businesses will file Chapter 11 or go 404 - PAGE NOT FOUND because they should have read this book. And I respect Bob all the more for advising you in this book to put measurements in place before you do anything else. Stephen Covey says Begin with the end in mind, but Bob Bly says, Begin by deciding how you re going to measure your happy ending. Perry Marshall, Author of "Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords," "Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising" and "80/20 Sales & Marketing" Bob Bly says his book is about marketing plans, but it's really about planning a business. With this step-by-step guide, small business owners can think through their products, their market opportunity and their potential profits, to choose the most productive actions for achieving their goals. Filled with practical, hands-on advice, The Marketing Plan Handbook is a one-stop source for business success. Ruth P. Stevens, Author of "B2B Data-Driven Marketing: Sources, Uses, Results" If you're convinced that marketing your business is difficult or time-consuming, or you believe you don't have the 'right' knowledge, then you need Bob Bly's book. He gives you an easy-to-implement plan for growing your business consistently over time. Dianna Huff, Founder and President of Huff Industrial Marketing, Inc. If you ve been looking for a marketing book that goes the extra mile and over-delivers on its promises, then pay close attention to the book now resting in your hands. The Marketing Plan Handbook is the most comprehensive, concentrated and concise course I have even seen on the subject of building a business from the ground up. It covers every modern day nuance of entrepreneurship as well as the actions that cause your eventual success. Whether you re interested in starting or growing a business, or becoming a top tier marketing consultant, Robert W. Bly lays gold before your eyes, giving you the keys to a kingdom he knows inside and out. Matt Furey, Author of "Combat Conditioning" I'm a pretty good ad writer, but when it comes to planning marketing strategy and tactics, Bob Bly is at the top of my listall his best secrets are revealed in this valuable book. Robert Ringer, New York Times #1 Bestselling Author Marketing is becoming more complex, even for professional marketers. Bob's time-saving 12 steps make it easy for small business owners to market more effectively and prosper. Joan Damico, B2B Copywriter & Marcom Consultant, @copywriter4u The very idea of crafting your marketing plan can be absolutely terrifying, if you ve got no idea where to start... or incredibly liberating, once you realize what a huge edge it gives you, if you craft it well. Bob does an amazing job, in his new book, of showing us how to craft it well. Within the first 20 pages, he lays out a 12 step plan that takes all the mysteryand anxietyout of trying to figure out exactly what a good marketing plan is and what s next. Bob decodes all that stuff so many long-time marketers are afraid to admit they don t knowfrom how to use Google Analytics to get better marketing feedback, to how to slog your way through every online marketing metric you need to know. All this is no longer optional. You can t survive today without making a plan like this. The good news great news, in fact is that Bob just made it easy. John Forde, Editor and Founder of The Copywriter s Roundtable"


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