Maya Lin: Topologies

By Maya Lin

Celebrated as the architect of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, 2014 Gish Prize winner Maya Lin is a true public artist, creating fascinating works designed to highlight the landscape. Topologies showcases 50 projects from a brilliant career spanning three decades. From oceans in the mountains to rivers indoors, Lin redefines “environmentally conscious” and blurs the distinction between art and architecture.

"["Maya Lin: Topologies"] presents 50 projects from the last three decades that demonstrate the scope of Lin s creative process, featuring her own sketches and drawings and linked by her ideal of making a place for individuals within the landscape.With her environmental works like"Storm King Wavefield, Eleven-Minute Line"(Sweden), and"Pin River Yangtze"(Beijing), Lin maintains a balance between art and architecture, drawing inspiration from culturally diverse sources and has been proposing new ways of thinking and imagining that resist categories, genres, and borders." -"HAMPTONS ART HUB ""Having achieved success as an artist, whose best work abstracts forms drawn from nature, and as the designer of buildings with sculptural aspirations (as well as the creator of several more memorials), [Maya Lin] is beginning to embrace the connections among her diverse bodies of work. . .One of the best reasons to buy"Topologies"is to see Lin s architecture, including several private homes that can be visited only in photos and two somewhat more public buildings for a Children s Defense Fund camp in a remote part of Tennessee." " ""["May Lin"] is both proof of Lin's massive influence and a celebration of her environmentally minded, deeply impactful projects. . . Lin's work subtly connects to landscape, language, history, and memory - all with respect to the natural world." -"SURFACE MAGAZINE" "This stunning Rizzoli-published book (the layered cover simulates mist over her 'Wave Field') is worthy of the range of this mesmerizing interdisciplinary artist." -"SWEET via snapchat""


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