Medical Cannabis: A Guide for Patients, Practitioners, and Caregivers

By Michael H Moskowitz Md, Michael H Moskowitz Md Mph

Can Medical Cannabis help you? Forty-four states and the District of Columbia have legalized some form of Medical Cannabis for treatment of serious conditions. Pain, cancer, sleep disturbance, mood disorders, epilepsy, osteoporosis, anxiety disorders, and many others are all conditions that may be helped by this treatment. Author Dr. Michael Moskowitz reviews the science of our own built in cannabinoid system, then launches into practical topics, including medical cannabis treatment, dispensary management, paraphernalia, embodiments, routes of administration, and DIY treatment. He covers the complexities of state laws, learning the phases of treatment, working with dispensaries, understanding the different embodiments and routes of administration, knowing how to avoid undesirable psychotropic effects, and combining this approach with both traditional and alternative medical care. The book details many ways of using this treatment without being cognitively altered. It is meticulously documented, and scientifically grounded to both help physicians with recommendations and treatment planning and in delivering highly relevant and useful treatment choices for patients. Whether you are a patient, practitioner, caregiver or lawmaker, Medical Cannabis: A Guide for Patients, Practitioners, and Caregivers separates myth from reality and proves itself invaluable to your own decision making about this therapeutic approach.


." . . a vital discourse on the subject for patients and medical professionals alike." --Jose J. Hidalgo, Founder & CEO Knox Medical

This is a beautiful expose of the basics of the world of cannabis. The book brings forth the latest definitive information and is a must have addition to any reference library." --Leonard Leinow, Author of CBD: A Patients Guide to Medicinal Cannabis, Healing without the High, and owner of Synergy Wellness CBD

"It is a must read for anyone with an opinion that medical cannabis does or does not have a role in our society, and anyone who is not sure." --Michael Ries, MD, Author of The Joint Kitchen, Professor Emeritus, University of California, San Francisco

"This work belongs on your bookshelf much the same as the aspirin in your medicine cabinet, which you may no longer need." --Carol Morales

"Dr. Moskowitz is a consummate practical researcher, a treatment provider of forgotten patients who have little or no hope, and an "outlier" who always advocates for his patients and those in his sphere of influence." --Pepper Sbarbaro, RN, MA, MFT

"Dr. Moskowitz superbly defines a much needed, new paradigm for how physicians can collaborate with their patients using medical cannabis. His thoroughly-researched Medical Cannabis, written in his engaging writing style makes this the desk top reference for all us." --S. Scott Pengelly, PhD, Clinical Medical Psychologist, Eugene, Oregon

"It will be an essential resource for physicians, growers, dispensaries, and politicians." --Philip R. Weinstein MD, Professor Emeritus, University of California San Francisco, Department of Neurological Surgery, Spine Center and Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases


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