The Middleman Economy: How Brokers, Agents, Dealers, and Everyday Matchmakers Create Value and Profit (2015)

By Marina Krakovsky, Tafe Holmesglen
With the rise of the Internet, many pundits predicted that middlemen would disappear. But that hasn't happened. Far from killing the middleman, the Internet has generated a thriving new breed. In The Middleman Economy, Silicon Valley-based reporter Marina Krakovsky elucidates the six essential roles that middlemen play.


Praise for The Middleman Economy

'We often think of a middleman as someone to avoid - the person who stands in the way, or does nothing at all. But the truth is that the person in the middle whether it's a venture capitalist or a real estate broker can create great value: and the best middlemen are true partners who make you a lot of money. The Middleman Economy shows you how.' Barbara Corcoran, Founder, The Corcoran Group

'In The Middleman Economy, Krakovsky has crafted a powerfully persuasive counterpoint to the notion that in today's society, middlemen are obsolete. Her captivating and well-researched narrative will convince you of just the opposite that middlemen are even more critical to today's economic and social order, whether they function as Bridges, Enforcers, Certifiers, Risk Bearers, Concierges, or Insulators. And they are us.' Margaret A. Neale, Professor of Management at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and co-author of Getting (More of) What You Want

'Although technology has brought us to a more interconnected world, Marina Krakovsky, with captivating examples, brilliantly describes the irreplaceable role of the middleman in a successful economy.' Bill Draper, General Partner of Draper Richards L.P., and author of The Startup Game

'Krakovsky reveals a riveting truth: we are all middlemen. Her captivating examples and precise typology capture the vast reach and diversity of middlemen in every aspect of our lives. But most importantly, The Middleman Economy provides the necessary tools to avoid predators and parasites and find the partners that will lubricate and accelerate our success in life.' Adam Galinsky, Professor of Business, Columbia Business School and co-author of Friend & Foe

"With sound reasoning and hard evidence, Krakovsky exploded my belief that the rise of the Internet spells the demise of the intermediary. In the process, she's provided me, and all of us, a great service." Robert B. Cialdini, Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing at Arizona State University, bestselling author, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion"


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Publish date 09/15/2015
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ISBN-13 9781137530196
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