The Millionaire Dropout: Fire Your Boss. Do What You Love. Reclaim Your Life!

By Vince Stanzione

If like millions of others you know deep down that you deserveto do better than where you are today, than this book is for you.Not a book based on old fashion theories or textbookscenarios, The Millionaire Dropout is instead based ontried and tested methods of increasing personal skills, increasingyour wealth, improving your life-style and releasing all thepersonal power that is locked up inside you. Based on theauthor's firsthand experience of bootstrapping himself out offailure, The Millionaire Dropout is for anyone whowants to learn the secrets for increasing their income andtheir standard of living. Divided into three sections readers willwalk through the stages for taking control of their life, learninghow to make more money, and learning how be smart with theirsuccesses. Everyone owes it to themselves to invest a little timeand effort into increasing their standard of living and releasingthe personal power that is locked up inside of us all.


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Publisher Wiley
Publish date 05/13/2013
Pages 241
ISBN-13 9781118609484
ISBN-10 1118609484
Language English